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Seller Tips
Getting Your House Ready to Sell
When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a "home." Yet if you are selling property, they
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When Your Selling Price is too High, Beware!
So youve decided to sell your home and have a fairly good idea of what you think it is worth. Being a sensible home seller, you schedule appointments with three local listing agents who've been
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Types of Listing Contracts
There are several different types of listing contracts, but very few of them are used. The "Exclusive Right to Sell" is the most common, but there is the "open listing," the "exclusive agency listing,
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Showing The House To Potential Home Buyers
Your house should always be available for show, even though it may occasionally be inconvenient for you.
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