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160 Broadway • Bangor, Maine
From Jack and Sally Bullock

Dear Emily,

We are slowly settling into our new house as we empty the seemingly endless number of boxes. Thanks in large part to your tireless work and efforts, we are enjoying this time as we make our new home here. In my many years in business, I have rarely had the pleasure of working with one as professional, friendly and just downright on top of things as we have experienced with you.

In business I have learned that real excellence is not having everything going perfectly well without a problem but rather real excellence is realized as a result of how one deals the problems and difficult issues that always arise. The service you provided to Sally and I was truly excellent. Every time we encountered a problem or expressed a concern, you were there for us. As you well know, I can be demanding and impatient at times. Regardless of the problem or situation, your brilliant smile never once left your face and your positive attitude always carried the day.

I must confess that I was initially concerned about the fact that you were representing both the seller as well as Sally and I as the buyers. However, looking back on the whole experience now makes me understand and believe that the process was enhanced and made better by your representing both parties. You were able to listen to both sides and I believe better understand the issues as a result. This combined with your natural gift of diplomacy resulted in both sides needs being met with balance and fairness.

Sally, my children and I all thank you again for all that you did for us. We are so thankful for our new home and grateful for your kind assistance. Please be assured that if we ever have any real estate needs, you will be the first one we will call.

With appreciation,

- Jack and Sally Bullock